There are 6 pigs available in Animania

Hogs are larger than sows.

Large White Pig
Old Spot Pig

Behavior Edit

  • Love to roll in the mud and swim.
  • Can be ridden using a Carrot and Stick.
  • Can be used to find truffles.
  • Pigs often spawn as families in the world.
  • Hogs and piglets generally try to stay near the mother Sow.
  • Eat Carrots
  • Only breed when happy

Breeds Edit

Duroc Edit

  • Found in Jungles.

Hampshire Edit

  • Found in Extreme Hills.

Large Black Edit

  • Found in Swamps and Birch Forests.

Large White Edit

  • Found in Forests

Old Spot Edit

  • Found in Forests.

Yorkshire Edit

  • Replaces vanilla pigs.
  • Found in Plains.

Care Edit

Make sure to put mud so they can roll in it

and water so they can clean themselves

- Foods they like-

  • Graze tall grass.
  • Favorite food: Slop, Carrots, Beets, Potatoes.

Hydration Edit

Pigs will drink from water sources.

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