Peafowl come in seven variant colors; Charcoal, India Blue, Opal, Peach, Purple, Taupe and White.

They can be found in Jungle and Swamp biomes.

Behavior Edit

  • Peck at placed seeds or be hand fed seeds.
  • Drink from a trough or water source.
  • Use nests to lay eggs.

Care Edit

Food Edit

  • Wild frogs and toads.
  • Seeds
  • Favorite Food: Seed (any vanilla)

Hydration Edit

Peafowl will drink from water sources.

  • Troughs
  • Water Blocks

Nesting areas Edit

Nests are used by Peahens to lay eggs. You can gather the eggs, or leave them to be hatched if a Peacock is in the nearby area.

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