Hamsters come in eight color variants: black, brown, dark brown, dark gray, golden, gray, plum and white.

They can be found in Beach and Desert biomes.

The hamster has 5 hearts, and if killed, will drop one hamster food.

Nothing kills a hamster in the wild, and the hamster's only known food sources are hamster food and apples.

Behavior Edit

  • Tamed by feeding them their favorite food, Hamster Food or Apples.
  • Can ‘sit’ and stay by right-clicking them. Click again to let them stand.
  • Ride on your shoulder by sneak right-clicking them. Repeat to put them down.
  • Breeding is not currently implemented.
  • Tamed hamsters can be placed in Hamster Balls.
  • Can be placed in a Hamster Wheel to produce power.

Care Edit


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