There is only one breed of draft horse, but they come in six variant colors. They are work horses, and not meant to replace the default horse.


They can be found in the Plains and Savanna biomes.

Behavior Edit

  • Eat grass, flowers, apples and some crops.
  • Will eat from troughs.
  • Drink water from sources.
  • Can be ridden only when Well Fed, and with a Riding Crop.[1]
  • Will only breed when happy.
  • Stallions and foals stay near their mate/mother.
  • Sometimes spawn as family groups in the wild.

Care Edit

Food Edit

  • Grazes on grass, flowers, apples and some crops.
  • Will eat wheat from a trough.
  • Favorite Foods: Wheat, Apples, Carrots.

Hydration Edit

Draft Horses will drink from water sources, they consume an entire bucket or water block.

  • Trough
  • Water Blocks
  • Buckets
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