There are 8 different breeds of cow available in Animania.

All bulls have nose rings with the exceptions of the Highland and Jersey.

Behavior Edit

  • Will eat grass, flowers and growing vegetables. (Keep your farms safe! ^^)
  • Will eat from a trough.
  • Drink water from sources.
  • Bulls attack when provoked.
  • Will only breed when happy.
  • Cows produce milk when happy or they have a calf.
  • Become thirsty after giving milk.
  • Bulls and calves stay near their mate/mother.
  • Adult cows have a chance to drop prime meat.
  • Spawn as family groups in the wild.
  • Milk is considered a liquid and is compatible with universal buckets. (ver. 1.11, 1.12)

Breeds Edit

Angus Edit


Burly black cows.

  • Found in Jungle and Mesa biomes.
  • Beef cattle.

Friesian Edit


Brown spotted cows that replace the default cow.

  • Found in Plain biomes.
  • Dairy cattle.

Hereford Edit


Reddish cows with white markings.

  • Found in Hill biomes.
  • Beef cattle.

Texas Longhorn Edit


Burly cows with large horns.

  • Found in Savanna biomes.
  • Beef cattle.

Jersey Edit


Light brown patched cows.

  • Found in Plains biomes.
  • Dairy cattle.

Highland Edit


Burly dark brown cows with large horns.

  • Found in Extreme Hills biomes.
  • Beef cattle.

Mooshroom Edit


Red and white spotted cow, replaces vanilla mooshroom.

  • Found in Mooshroom biomes.

Care Edit

Food Edit

  • Grazes on grass, flowers and some crops.
  • Will eat wheat from troughs .
  • Favorites: Wheat, Red Flowers, Yellow Flowers.

Hydration Edit

Cows will drink from water sources, they consume an entire bucket or water block.

  • Troughs
  • Water Blocks
  • Buckets
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